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There are ten photos in the banner at the top, so stick around to watch them change (in random order). They are:
  • Oak Leaves, Nowy Lebusz
  • Bridge over the River Neiße near Guben
  • Tornado Cloud, Frankfurt (Oder)
  • Near Krakvitz, Rügen
  • Autumn Cemetery, Nottingham
  • Mural at the Theatre in Zakopane, 1993
  • Ertholmene, taken from Baadstedthus, Bornholm
  • Frankfurt (Oder) Skyline
  • Grain Growing, on Bornholm
  • Apples in the Sun, Frankfurt (Oder)

By the way …

Like many site, this one is still under development - but that’s what it says at the top. It is changing, I’m developing new ideas for it and the site is growing (at least the offline version). So do come back … and I hope you’ll smile when you do.