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What's this site about then?

To be honest, this is mostly somewhere to post my own photos and maybe offer up the odd idea or two. In reality, most of life does still take place offline, and that's where you're more likely to experience what it's really about. Above is a small selection of my newest public photos streamed from Flickr.
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What can you say? - And can you also listen?
The photos at right:
Frankfurt (Oder) Skyline
Oak Leave, Nowy Lebusz
View from the Aggerstein Mountain Hut
Bridge over the River Neiße near Guben
Tornado Cloud in Frankfurt (Oder)
Autumn Cemetery, Nottingham
Near Kravitz, Rügen
Apples in the sun, Frankfurt (Oder)
Ertholmene, taken from Baadstedhus, Bornholm